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Full Version: Displaying radar overlay within MFDs running LightHouse II / 3 software
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Displaying radar overlay within MFDs running LightHouse II / 3 software

The following data items are ALL required to overlay radar imagery atop cartography within MFD's running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software:

- The system must be interfaced to a compatible Raymarine radome or open array radar pedestal which is operational, powered ON, and is transmitting

- The system's GPS sensor must have acquired a GPS position FIX

- The system must be receiving COG data from the system's GPS sensor (only possible when the vessel is underway and making way at 2kts or higher) or the system must be interfaced to a source of Heading data (ex. autopilot, instrument compass, GPS compass, etc.) which has been powered ON. On may verify whether valid COG or Heading data is present within the system by configuring the Databoxes feature to display both the Heading and COG data items ... when dashed (---), no valid source of data is available for the corresponding data item.

- The Chart application should be ranged into at least the range level that is approximately that of the configured Radar application range

- The Chart application's Radar Overlay feature has been configured ON:



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