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Full Version: [DG11] Dragonfly Dirty Screen
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Dear Friends...
I have DragonflyPRO 7 model.
My problem is AUTO Gain gives me too much gain and dirty screen.
My installation is made by Raymarine and installation is checked by them a few times.
I turn off the engine and use the device and I have the same problem as well so this is not an issue of electric disturbiance. The problem is only a software problem which strated after 12.20 update. Before that in auto gain screen was amazing. Now the device gives too much gain and screen becomes dirty. In other models there is an auto gain offset that you can adjust +1 +2 or -1 -2 to get a better gain. Dragonfly doesnt have that feature so we need to use in manual mode. I write this many times to raymarine uk too. I get the same problem too much auto gain problem from my friends from cyprus from italy all the same. they have to use in manual gain to get a good picture.
waiting for your answer thanks.

I added some screeshots too..
Hi detroix,
Thank you for your message,

is it possible that the unit is actually showing real targets - i.e. a lot of "life" in the water column? It is one possibility we have seen before, it appears to happen at specific times of the year depending on climate and seems to be caused by Algae or plankton streaming through the water column under the boat.

Alternatively, the 'noise' is from something else. I understand that you have tried it with the engine off, but I wonder if you have tried it as a "dead boat" scenario, with everything turned off - even trying with a separate isolated battery?

Looking through the software history, v12.20 only seemed to change the UI to allow a CPT-S to be connected, and hide the DownVision channel (since you didn't have one). There are no changes to gain etc.


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