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Full Version: [CA11] CPT-120 transducer for ES98
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I hope that someone can help guide me on the connection of a CPT-120 transducer to an ES98 MFD. I thought that this was a direct fit to the ES98 but the cable from the CPT-120 (A80350) has a 9 pin male fitting and the ES98 transducer socket is a 7 pin female. Does this have to be routed via the network connection on a sonar module or will I need an adapter to make the connection direct to the ES98?
Thanks for taking time to help, Colin
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum cmarksmith,

The plug of the A80350 CPT-120 should indeed be able to be plugged directly into the TRANSDUCER socket of an ax8 MFD, eSx8 MFD, CP100, or Axiom DV MFD. Should the tag attached to the plug end of the transducer's cable be printed with the product ID A80350, then you have purchased the correct transducer for an eS98 MFD. It may be possible that your eS98 is actually an eS97 MFD. Please attach a photo of the serial number label attached to the bottom side of the eS98 in order that we may ascertain the MFD's product ID and serial number.
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