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Full Version: [CA11] DST800 power off depth
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I have a question about the Triducer DST800 and its behavior, at depths below the range. According to the specification, the measurement range is approximately 100m for power from the N2k network.

My question is, what does the DST800 do at a depth of more than 100m, except the display shows three lines informing about exceeding the range.

The question arises from two reasons, one, if the transducer still tries bottom it still drain electricity (LEN4) around 200mA, as if not much, but in the long ocean trips, each Amper counts. Secondly, if the measurement of depth does not make sense, there is no sense in generating unnecessary ultrasonic noise in the water, which, as we know for some mammals does not have to be a pleasure.

The simplest method that seems to be, is inserting a power switch in the power line of the tranceduser spur. In this way, the rest of the STng works fine, only the DST800 is cut off. Unfortunately, it has the disadvantage that we also lose the temperature of the water as well as the speed on the water, means can not calculate the true wind. So maybe the solution, is to use the DST800 version Nmea0183, in which case the what wire is responsible for disconnecting power of the depth function, and whether it will turn off the sonar, and whether only receive measurement and the sonar will continue to work. From my experience, it appears that in both cases, I will have to cut off all the power, to be sure that Depth does not draw current and does not generate a signal. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The second solution, I believe is drilling another [censored] in the hull, and installing a separate Depth and speed / temp txdr.

Or there is a function in the lighthouse that I can not find that allows Depth to be turned off when it is unnecessary.

Please let me know what you think about it.

Thanks for answering and happy new year :)
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Martin,

Analog DST800 transducers or Smart depth transducers (NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183) will continue to ping in search of a bottom as long as power is supplied to the iTC-5 or is supplied to the Smart transducer respectively. While it is conceivable that one may be able to install an ON/OFF switch in the NMEA 2000 Smart transducer's spur cable's power lead, doing so would also disable the transducer's other functions (if any). In the case of the DST800, installing an ON/OFF switch would disable the transducer speed and temperature data as well. Raymarine's MFDs and instruments do not feature a setting to switch the ping ON/OFF for instrument depth transducers. As you have suggested those having such concerns would be advised to install individual depth and speed/temp transducers.

In systems featuring a dedicated depth instrument (ex. i50 Depth) having an analog depth transducer has been interfaced to that instrument, the dedicated depth instrument may be switched OFF to cease pinging. In systems featuring an Tridata instrument having an analog triducer interfaced to it, the instrument may be configured from a Depth Master to a Depth Repeater to support cessation of pinging.
Thank You very Much Chuck,

You just confirm my doubts, definitely i will install analog depth separate transducer, with power cutoff in line. I don 't want separate Depth instrument (space limitation at helm) so i will stay with 2x i70s and one p70. And power cut of between ITC and tranceduser itself.

happy new Year 2019,
You're welcome.
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