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Full Version: [CA11] Raycontrol app incompatible with Moto G4 Plus phone?
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I would like to install the raycontrol app on my Motorola G4 plus phone. However, the app store does not show it.

Going via the app store website, it indicates that the app is incompatible with my device. I'm surprised!

It also reports the app needs access to wi-fi connection information. I don't know if there are other issues.

I am aware of Raymarine's recommendation not to install on smartphones, but I would like to explore the capabilities of the app.

Is there anyway I can proceed?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Phil,

As you have suggested, the RayControl app may not be downloaded from the App store to your Motorola G4. This because the Motorola G4 is a smartphone, not a tablet. If seeking an app which may be used to repeat the MFD's screen image on your smartphone, then the RayView app should be downloaded. If seeking an app which will permit which may be used to repeat the MFD's screen image on your smartphone and provides a user interface to remotely control the MFD, then the RayRemote app should be downloaded. It should be noted that when the RayRemote's button interface (i.e. remote) is displayed, the MFD's screen image will not be visible. This app has the greatest applicability when the MFD's screen is repeated to a television / monitor (ex. Axiom MFDs to television w/Miracast dongle, gS-Series MFD to televison w/video output cable, etc.). For those seeking a touchscreen experience akin to that of the MFD, then a compatible iPad or Android tablet (not smartphone) would be required along with the RayControl app.
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