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Full Version: [CA11] i60 : no true wind, no VMG, no wind vane mode
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I have a Raymarine SeatalkNG system since 2014 that includes:

- a Raymarine ACU-400 Actuator Unit
- a Raymarine EV-1 Course Computer
- an MFD C95
- a Raymarine p70 display
- an i50 speed instrument
- an i50 depth instrument
- a wind vane anemometer i60

They are all individually and directly connected to a backbone with Spur cables, either by T's or Raymarine Seatalk 5-Way Connectors ending at both ends of the backbone with a suitable plug. None of them are one behind the other.
The backbone is powered by the AC-400.

Important : Since 2014 everything has been operating normally, including true wind, VMG and wind vane mode.

Last year, 2017, I noticed that I no longer had any true wind posted, but 3 ~~~, same thing for the VMG. It was also no longer possible to navigate in wind vane mode (no unit detected on P70). However, everything else was working, apparent wind, depth sounder, speedo (necessary for the calculation of the real wind) and automatic pilot.
I tried to change the SPUR cables, but to no avail.
I reset the i60 to factory settings, but to no avail.
I switched the instruments between them, but to no avail.

When I returned to France, I sent the i60 screen back to England (FLIR), mentioning that I no longer had a true wind display, VMG and windvane steering mode. It was returned to me at the end of September with the comment: "screen checked, everything works perfectly, no failure". It cost me something for nothing because they said that my i60 had no breakdowns and that there had been no repairs!

Back in Guatemala, two days ago, I have reassembled all my Raymarine instruments, including the i60 back from Raymarine, and at the start, always the same thing: no true wind displayed!
So I changed the head mast transducer vane for another one, but to no avail.
I checked the monitor cables in the air, but to no avail.
I have performed the recommended checks on the forum regarding the i60. The currents between the ground cable and the red, blue, green and yellow are in the ranges. Everything is OK.
I have performed the recommended checks also on the i50 speedo and everything is normal.
I switched the screens and cables again, but to no avail.
I updated the software version, but to no avail.

On the advice of a friend, I went on the C95, Set-up - Maintenance - Diagnostics - Select Device, I have all the instruments detected, except the i60 !
And in Set-up - System Settings - Data Sources - Wind, I have no source. While I have them for all the other instruments!
And the i60 comes out of an expensive inspection (no repairs).

I have read a good number of recommended FAQs, but since my system has worked very well for 3 years and I have not found anything abnormal compared to these FAQs, it seems reasonable to me to think that this problem comes from the i60 itself which no longer communicates or only partially with the other instruments.

What do you think ?


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jpiebrig,

The most damning symptom reported is that the i60 Wind instrument is not being detected within the LightHouse II MFD's Select Devices list. Based upon the symptoms provided, it would appear that their may be a problem with one or more of the following:

- insufficient power ... connect the vessel to shore power, permit the vessel's batteries to achieve a fully charged state, and afterwards and while still connected to shore power, test whether the i60 Wind Instrument appears within the LightHouse II MFD's Select Devices list. If so, check the system's batteries, power, and ground connections from the SeaTalkng Power Cable to through power distribution panel, switches, etc. to ensure that all connections are free of corrosion, are tight, and sound with respect to continuity.

- the system's SeaTalkng Termination Plugs ... test the backbones two SeaTalkng Termination Plugs to verify 120 Ohms resistance between the CAN_H and CAN_L pins

- the networking components which are linking the i60 Wind instrument to the backbone, i60 Wind instrument have suffered a failure ... verify by disconnecting the i60 Wind instrument from its spur cable and then plugging in another device (ex. p70 to its spur cable). After doing so, verify that the LightHouse II MFD's Select Devices list included the p70 Autopilot Control Head. If not, then the SeaTalkng networking components should be inspected / replaced as necessary restore operation. After the p70 Autopilot Control Head reappears in the LightHouse II MFD's Select Devices list, then replace the p70 Autopilot Control Head with the i60 Wind Instrument and once again check the LightHouse II MFD's Select Devices list.

- the i60 Wind instrument's SeaTalkng communications interface has failed ... contact the UK Product Repair Center to notify them of the failure and actions listed above which have been undertaken and to request shipping support to return the i70 for repair of its SeaTalkng communications interface.
Thanks a lot for that Chuck. I check all you told me and I tell you.

You're welcome.
Hi Chuck,

I have check all :

* I put a Spur 12 volts cable straight, without switch, on the same Raymarine Seatalk 5-Way Connectors as the I60 and turn off 12 volts from Acu-400 (also turn off ACU-400). It is the same, no true wind and no detection from C95.
Batteries are full, connections are good.

* the two SeaTalkng Termination Plugs are good : 120 ohms between the CAN_H and CAN_L pins.

* I used the spur cable from the i60 with the P70. P70 is still working and it is detected by the C95.
I used the SPUR cable from the P70 with the i60, but same problem, no true wind, ..., and i60 is not detected.

It seems that the i60 as no communication with the other instruments.

I will contact the UK Product Repair Center.

Thanks a lot for your help.


You're welcome.
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