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Full Version: [CA11] Evolution autopilot speed input question
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Hello. I just installed a new ev100 autopilot on my 30 feet sailboat. Everything is working ok, I was able to calibrate the autopilot and tested a little bit and looks fine. However, I have a doubt regarding speed input. As in my case the SOG is much more accurate than the STW, I’d like to select SOG as the default speed input. I read this threads to learn how to do it: and

However, I can't find the GPS SOG option in MENU->SET-UP->AUTOPILOT SET-UP->VESSEL-SETTINGS->SPEED INPUT. The only option displayed other than the AUTO is the
ITC-5 one. The SOG is displayed in the data box of the control head and looks accurate, so I assume the information is available, but I wonder how to choose the SOG as the default speed input. Any suggestion?

My sailboat equipment and software versions:
a68 v19.03
i70 v3.07
P70s v3.07
St-stng conv v2.03
Acu100 v2.17
Ev1 v2.17
Itc5 (for stw, wind and depth) v1.12

Thanks in advance and Happy new year!
Mauro, from Argentina
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mauro,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As indicated therein, the Speed Input setting will not be available if the Calibration Lock feature (MENU->SET-UP->AUTOPILOT CALIBRATION->COMMISSIONING->VESSEL SETTINGS->CALIBRATION LOCK) has been enabled.
Thanks Chuck. The calibration lock feature is not enabled and the SOG option still does not appear, any other possibility?

I suggest that you update the software within the autopilot components (EV-1 CCU and ACU100. After doing so, command a Pilot Factory Reset, change the Speed Input setting, execute the Dockside Wizard, and then take the vessel out for a short cruise to determine the magnetic deviations sensed by the EV-1 CCU.
Thanks Chuck, it worked.
You're welcome.
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