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Full Version: [LW11] Navionics sonarchart live
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My Navionics gold card has expired.
The sonarchart live feature used to map the sea floor where ever I travelled and this usefull chart was available on subsequent trips.
I was surprised to see the mapping has disappeared off my Axiom 9 sounder.
I believed it would be stored on my sounder as it was written but cannot find it in files or anywhere, only on screenshots I saved.

Is it retrievable?
Renewing Navionics rego wont help because they will send me a new card.
If I do get a new card and map my fishing areas how can I save and store this info?

Thanks in advance.
Dear Geoffro,

Thank you for your query.

The Sonarchart Live Feature is only available through a Navionics subscription, please visit the Navionics website for assistance with this http://www.navionics.com

All of your data should be available through your subscription.

Many Thanks
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