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Full Version: [CA11] Fusion Link icon not on MFD
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I have had an eS78 MFD for about a year. Yesterday, I installed a Fusion RA70N head unit and two NRX-300 remotes all connected via NMEA 2000 network. Everything talks correctly, and the eS78 is on the same NMEA 2000 network.

The problem is, there is no Fusion Link tile on the MFD screen. I cannot find in documentation where this is something that has to be installed, setup, etc. It seems as if it should just "be there". How can I get this tile to become available on the MFD?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum TexasPilot71,

Please click here to view a thread in which I had previously addressed this subject.
Thank you! I'm not sure why that thread didn't come up in a search, but I did search first.

Your welcome. Regarding the search, there is a checkbox to the right of the search keywords field which will limit the search to FAQs if checked. This is defaulted to search FAQs. Should no FAQ be found which addresses the issue of concern, then the search should be executed again and the check within this checkbox should be removed to permit all threads (not just FAQs) to be searched.
Thank you once again. I am currently running LightHouse II, but am interested in updating to LightHouse 3.

I see via the "Lighthouse 3.4 Basic Operating Instructions" document, that Fusion is part of what is called a "LightHouse app" and that this app is only available in LightHouse version 3.4 and above. I seem to understand that if I update an eS series MFD, that I will only be able to update to v3.3. Does this preclude me from utilizing the Fusion app if I upgrade my eS78 or am I reading something incorrectly?

You have incorrectly interpreted the information which you have read. Within LightHouse 3 software, only one audio application (named Audio) is provided. Initially, this application supported only Rockford Fosgate, but has since been updated to provide support for Fusion marine entertainment systems. While it is likely that a LightHouse 3 version cutoff will occur, whereby eS/gS-Series MFDs will not be permitted to update beyond that cutoff, no such LightHouse 3 version has yet been designated as such. Accordingly, customers of eS/gS-Series MFDs seeking to run LightHouse 3 software would be recommended to install the current latest version of LightHouse 3 software (v3.7.70 at the time of this response).
Understood. Thank you again. I have downloaded the update file, so I presume it is the 3.7.70 version. Will install this weekend. Thank you once again!
You're welcome.
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