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Full Version: [LW11] Axiom 9 defaults to Statute Miles.
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I upgraded from the E7 Hybrid to the Axiom 9 approx 6 months ago. If I turn on the single switch for the other instruments (ST50 Wind/speed/depth/autopilot and ST60 Tri-data) first, then the Axiom will revert to Statute miles. This also occurs occasionally at random, which I put down to power glitch/spikes. If I attempt to select NM with the other instruments still powered, it jumps straight back to statute miles. If however I switch the other instruments off, I can then select Nm, which is retained when the other instruments are switched on.

My workaround is to switch on the Axiom a full minute before the other instruments, but this is obviously a pain.

Any thoughts on a cause, and a fix.

Dear Adventurous,

Thank you for your query.

The master ST50 instrument is the source of your units for the distance and will be telling the Axiom what unit to display. You will need to change the settings within the ST50 instrument, the manual can be found here. In the settings section it explains how to change between statute miles and nautical miles.

Many Thanks
Thanks Louise. When we get back to our boat in Tangier, Morocco in early March I will make the necessary changes.
Many Thanks
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