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Full Version: Radar -- no data source followed by operation
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Something has changed. My radar and E-120 are 9 years old. Previously when I switched on the E0120 the radar went into operation quickly. Now I find when I switch it on that it reads "No data source". Then if I wait anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes, it comes alive. Electrical system is normal. Is this a symptom of failing electronics? And where is the electronics? In the scanner itself? What should I try because it is intermittent. Thanks.
It takes a 70 second countdown to warm up the radar to become available. What type of radar do you have? Radome or Open Array? Analog or Digital?

If intermittent, and the E120 Classic MFD is reporting NO DATA SOURCE, I will confirm connectivity, at the back of the E120 and at the radar. Are there any splices in the radar cable?
I am not talking about the scanner warmup period. The variable delay when it reads out no data source occurs before the message for the scanner warmup time. This delay can be a few seconds to many minutes.

Radome is I think eighteen inch diameter closed purchased from W. Marine in December of 2008. Do not know if it is analog or digital. Checked plug at back of my E-120 (not wide) and splices at base of mast and all are clean, dry, and perfect.
Does the radar connect to the radar port on the back of the E120 Classic? This will confirm if it's a analog or digital and if there are connections inside the radome to check.
It connects to the radar portion the back of the E120.
I made a new discovery today. The radar page on my E120 continued to show the "no data source" message for the better part of an hour during which I turned the instruments on and off multiple times. The I checked the boat voltage and it was about 12.5 V. I then turned on the battery charger which brought the boat voltage to about 14.5 V and the scanner warmup message immediately came on. The spec says the voltage can be as low as about 9 V so was well within spec at 12.5 V.
What does this tell you?
With that much of a spike in voltage, when turning on the charger, it points toward and issue with the battery and the amount of amperage power the battery is supplying. The radar will only operate if it have enough amperage power to operate. I would recommend getting the battery checked.
I lead you down the wrong path. When I repeated this experiment with the battery voltage down to 12.0 V, after the instruments sat overnight, it started up immediately. I am nevertheless installing a new house bank next week. However my current house bank, although old, still certainly can produce the 5-10 Amps demanded

It has been determined that my radome is analog. I understand Raymarine only sells digital radars now. If the problem turns out to be with the radome, does my E-120 support a digital radome? If yes, is any modification required?
The E120 Classic display does support digital radar. The E120 will need the latest software and the new digital radar will need the digital radar cable, and connection to the Seatalk HS network, if you have a Seatalk HS network established it would connect to a Seatalk HS switch or if not with a crossover coupler to the Seatalk HS port on the back of the E120 Classic display.
1) I have an ST60 suite of instruments along with the E-120. Everything works well except for this intermittent radar startup problem. Does this mean I have a Seatalk HS switch?

2) 3 years ago my original Raystar GPS antenna failed and I had it replaced and it works fine. BUT I was told at the time that the connection from the antenna to my system used Ethernet and that my system was now a "hybrid". Does this arrangement change what you told me above, namely that all I need to do is buy the new digital radome, update my E-120 software and connect the new digital cable to my Seatalk HS switch?
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