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Raymarine forum - [CA11] Automatically triggering MOB alarm when OceanSignal MOB1 is activated

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Full Version: [CA11] Automatically triggering MOB alarm when OceanSignal MOB1 is activated
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Good evening,

We recently fitted out Mustang EP38 PFDs with OceanSignal MOB1 AIS transmitters. We programmed our vessel's MMSI into the MOB1 devices.

Is it possible to have Raymarine automatically trigger the man-over-board alarm should one of our MOB1 devices be activated?

We have all Raymarine electronics, including the AIS650 unit.

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum InsuredApple,

Raymarine's MFDs operating with the latest LightHouse II and LightHouse 3 software (v19.3 and v3.7.70 respectively at the time of this response) were designed to support plotting of AIS SARTs when interfaced to a compatible AIS receiver or transceiver (ex. AIS350, AIS650, AIS700, Ray70 w/AIS option, etc.). While such AIS SARTs may be plotted by the MFD, they may not trigger MOBs within the Raymarine system featuring MFDs running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software. Within the software versions specified, MOBs may only be triggered by manually commanding a MOB event through the MFD's user's interface.
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