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Full Version: [CA11] Full System Upgrade
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Hi Chuck

You helped me upgrade my Albin 40 NSC Trawler last year to an almost all Raymarine Lighthouse 3 system. Your help made it easy to upgrade everything myself! Everything has performed amazingly!

I recently purchased a Neptunus 55 Express Cruiser. It has 2006 vintage Maptech/Simrad equipment and software. I've attached my planning drawing to replace everything with all new Raymarine equipment running on Lighthouse 3. Could you please look it over as you did last year to see if you find any issues.

A particular question: I plan to connect the Ruder Reference Transducer to the STng network through the ITC-5, rather than connecting it to the ACU directly. I'm doing this to save running another wire most of the length of the boat. I'd like that data available to the MFDs as well. Will this affect the Autopilot performance in any way?

Thank you for your help!
Welcome to back to the Raymarine Forum wavedweller,

The rudder and fluxgate compass terminals of the iTC-5 were intended to support instrument systems which did not feature an autopilot. Unfortunately, the rudder angle data update rate supported by the iTC-5 will not be satisfactory for use by the Evolution autopilot and will be ignored by the Evolution autopilot in conjunction with its computations. Accordingly, it would be recommended that the rudder reference transducer's leads be extended and then routed to the ACU.

Your network diagram appears to be correct in all else except the following:

- The iTC-5 is designed to be installed as a backbone component rather than as a spur. Accordingly, T-Piece connecting the iTC-5 to the backbone should be removed.
Thank You Chuck!
You're welcome.
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