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Full Version: [CA11] JL MM100s NMEA integration?
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I believe this may have been covered before but is Raymarine any closer to offering NMEA integration with the JL MediaMaster reciever?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum natedawgsem,

LightHouse 3 v3.8.x will be the first LightHouse 3 software update to include support for JL audio products. This support will initially be limited to JL's MediaMaster 100sBE, MediaMaster 50, and MediaMaster Remote MMR-40 products. The release of LighHouse 3 v3.8.x is imminent. Accordingly, it would be recommended that interested customers monitor their e-mail and/or Raymarine's Product Software Update web page for the announcement of the release of LightHouse 3 v3.8.x.
Thats great news. Will definately watch for the update.

Thank you..
You're welcome.
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