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I need to replace the wheel drive on my ST4000. The old unit could no react quickly enough with my existing hydraulic steering. Would replacement with Type 1 hydraulic pump be a possible fix, system is 5 turns lock to lock. The boat is full keel with a barn door rudder, 43ft 15 tons.
The steering has the pump and reservoir at the helm but with only two lines leading out to a manifold which supplies the two steering rams. Could the reservoir inlet at the pump be ignored?
Thanks for any insight, James

Autopilot hydraulic pumps are not selected based upon the length/weight of the vessel. Instead, Autopilot hydraulic pumps are selected based upon the cubic capacity of the vessel's steering cylinder. This information and/or the make/model of steering cylinder are typically stamped onto the steering cylinder. What is the cubic capacity of your vessel's steering cylinder?
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