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Full Version: [CA11] Reterminating Raynet Cable - Confirming Color Codes
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I need to reterminate an existing Raynet cable that used to connect an e125 helm mounted display to an e97 Nav station display. The helm display was replaced with another vendors display that will not be connected to Raynet. Previously the 2nd Raynet port on the e125 connected to the RD418 radar via a crossover coupler E55060. The radar will now be connected to the e97 Nav display.

Rather than pulling a new cable, I plan to cut off one Raynet female connector to install an RJ45 male connector that will be inserted into the crossover coupler. Before I cut and reterminate, I would like to confirm that the Raynet cable uses the T568B termination referenced in this thread.

The referenced FAQ is indeed correct in stating that Raymarine Ethernet cables and adapters which have been terminated with RJ45 male or female connectors feature T568B termination.
You're welcome.
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