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Full Version: [CA11] Analog to NEMA2000 converter
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I would like to see the analog engine data from my two engines on my new AXIUM 9. I have a Evolution 150 Autopilot installed as well.

I’m looking at the NoLand RS11. It takes the analog signal to my gages and converts them to NEMA2000.

I want something that works with the AXIUM 9. Anyone familiar with the NoLand or have something else that will work?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum sr330da,

With regard to compatibility with Raymarine MFDs, all which one need consider is whether the engine system gateway(s) is NMEA 2000 certified. Like all analog to NMEA 2000 engine gateways, the Noland RS11 is designed to be calibrated and configured by its owner. Such calibration typically requires that a PC be interfaced to the engine gateway or backbone to accomplish such. Raymarine MFDs are not designed to calibrate third party NMEA 2000 devices and will simply repeat the data which they receive. With regard to configuration, all that one typically need be concerned with is proper instancing of the NMEA 2000 PGNs transmitted by the engine gateway.
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