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Full Version: redundant data on SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkng converter kit E22158
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I have some questions regarding SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkng conversion:

I have an existing SeaTalk 1 based system ,consisting of an S3G course computer, 1 ST7002+, 1 ST6000+, 1 ST600R, 1 smart controller w. Base station, 1 ST60 Multi, ST60 Speed, ST60 Depth, ST 60 Wind, ST 60 close hauled, and 1 ST70 instrument.

I would like to connect this ST1 net to a NMEA2000 net in order to achieve the following:

Receive from ST1: apparent wind speed and direction, speed through water, depth below transducer, rudder angle.
Transmit to ST1: GNSS pos data, SOG, COG, variation, time and date, XTE, navigation data (active WP etc.) and
true heading from a sat compass.

I’m going to use a SeaTalk1 to SeaTalkng converter kit E22158. (I tried the ST70 for that purpose, but it freezes after some time).

Looking at the PGN-list of the E22158, it seems that all data I’d like to bring across would be covered. However I do not know what the behaviour would be if some data are redundant, but from different sources.

My first concern is heading: The S3G puts heading info onto ST1, and so would the converter. My preference would be to have the sat-compass true heading available on the ST70 to properly calculate set and drift, but have the course computer stick to its own jaw rate assisted flux-gate. The later works rather well that way, and I’m not sure it would do better with an external heading. I’m not even sure the S3G would pick up heading from another ST1 source, I only know that it would do so when fed via its NMEA183 port.

My other concern is regarding GPS / GNSS data, as I might have two sources providing it to the N2k backbone.
Would the converter simply pass both on to ST1, or would it stick to the first one seen? If this is a problem I could certainly switch off output on the backup GPS.
Hello Harald,

I've answered your http://forum.raymarine.com/showthread.ph...&pid=25680, which I think addresses the questions here too.

If possible, please edit the original question rather than starting a new one of you come up with subsequent points.

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