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Just got a new AIS 700 and at start up I m in silent mode when the c90w boot up....
Had to go through the menu each time on my C90W to fix that...Is that normal ? Or how to fix that ?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Franck,

What version of software is presently installed within your AIS700? What version of software is presently installed within your C90W? How have you interfaced the AIS700 to the C90W (SeaTalkng, NMEA 0183, or both)? What have you done with the AIS700's Silent Mode leads (connected them to a switch, connected them together, insulated them, etc.)?
Ok so i got the latest software on the AIS700, my C90w at version 2.2
Interfaced with NMEA 0183, and I did connect the silent lead to a switch
To try ta fix the problem, but with no joy.
Is that a limitation on the C90W to always start on silent mode ?


So, no luck, when i start the c90w the Ais is going to silent mode...
I read in another forum that it is the default setting on the C90w at startup and you are not able to change it....

I have verified that unlike the E-Series Widescreen MFDs, the C-Series Widescreen MFD will command the Silent Mode state to ON each time that the MFD is switched ON. The only way to work around this feature would be to wire the AIS transceiver to the MFD in a manner which would only support one way NMEA 0183 communications between the AIS transceiver and the MFD (i.e. AIS transceiver 38.4K NMEA 0183 OUT to MFD 38.4K NMEA 0183 IN). The AIS transceiver's Silent Mode leads alone would then be used to command the AIS transceiver into and out of silent mode.
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