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Full Version: [LW11] RV100 splas guard
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I have a transom mounted RV100 Transducer for my Axiom 9. The readings are perfect up to a little over 30MPH which I am fine with, the only problem is the spray from the transducer causes a pretty big t
rooster tail and continually splashes my motor. Does anyone know of a splas guard I can get to solve the problem?
Dear WayneC,

Thank you for your query.

We do not have such a product to offer or one to recommend as we have not conducted any testing for third party splash guards.

Do search on the internet, I looked myself and there are such things out there for you to buy.

Many Thanks
WayneC, check out the deflector I made out of 1/8" lexan. Cut out and bent using a heat gun. Raymarine really needs to step up and make something like Garmin does.
Dear captbob,

I have put this forward to the product manager to review for future product development.

Many Thanks
Wayne, Check out the deflector I made from 1/8 inch Lexan easy to cut and easy to bend using a heat gun.
Dear captbob,

The image is now appearing on your post.

We are currently working from home and the internet is struggling! I have passed this on to the product manager who is looking at it.

Best Regards
Yes Raymarine, please build this device and let me be the first to test it for you!

Please advise when available.
Dear zigzag930,

Thank you for your post.

I will let the product manager know of your request.

Stay safe.

Many Thanks
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