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Full Version: A128 Transducer Question
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Thank you Chuck for your feedback, have a great weekend.
You're welcome.
While searching for a good location in my stern bilge area to install my CPT 120 I realize that it will be in close proximity to my existing Airmar transducer connected to my DSM 300. Is there a distance I should keep between the CPT 120 and the existing Airmar inhull devise?
I am concern about cross talk interference, does the dsm 300 w/ transducer run on a different frequency then the A128 chirp downvision unit?

Thank you, Scott

Raymarine has not specified a minimum installation distance from other transducers. For thru-hulls installed on vessels equipped with twin screws, a transducer is commonly installed on each side of the keel. Interference noise between CHIRP and common 50/200 kHz fishfinder transducers installed on the same vessel is typically quite minimal.
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