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Full Version: [CA11] GPS Rollover date 2019
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Are there any expected problems with the upcoming GPS rollover date in April 2019?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jim,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
The Feb 26 post on this subject did not provide additional information regarding affected products. When will information be provided for Raystar 125 and.E-series MFDs?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Mike,

Q. When will information be provided for Raystar 125 and.E-series MFDs
A. GPS rollover is not applicable to MFDs lacking an internal GPS receiver (ex. C/E-Series Classic MFDs, E-Series Widscreen MFDs, hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Displays, etc.). However, it may be applicable to the GPS sensor which is supplying the MFD(s) with GPS data. At the time of this response, Raymarine had not released information concerning whether the Raystar 125 GPS and earlier GPS receivers were affected. Raymarine has not indicated when further information will be forthcoming about legacy Raymarine GPS sensors. When received, the FAQ referenced above will be updated accordingly.
Thanks, understood. Sounds like the Y2K snafu with personal computers, only this one repeats every 20 years.
You're welcome.
We are approaching April and I 'may' need to update my Raystar 125 sensor if it is affected. I am due to make my first passage in 3 weeks time.
Is there any provisional update yet on the testing of these legacy products? The FAQ at present has no updates showing.
I 'may' elect to install an AIS transponder as that will also provide GPS data to the C80?

It is presently expected that Raymarine will be releasing the results of its investigation on this subject at the end of this week and the corresponding FAQ will be updated early next week. In short the RS125 GPS Sensors, as well as most of the Raymarine products featuring GPS receivers produced within the timeframe that the RS125 was being manufactured, are not expected to be affected by a GPS rollover until 2025. Again, more details will be released next week.
Hi Chuck,
We have a E80 & E120 Classic MFD. I’m not sure, from your comment, whether you are saying these ‘are affected’ or ‘are not’.

Will the FAQ be updated to show what units might be impacted and when? Its good to know most are safe until at least 2025 but would be good to know about 2025 and what might happen then (i.e. will Raymarine release firmware updates or what)?
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