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Full Version: [CA11] Raymarine e125 to standard Horizon Matrix GX6000
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Hello Chuck
I would like to know if it is possible to connect the station standard Horizon Matrix GX6000 Commercial Grade Fixed Mount VHF Boat Radio with Integrated ais Receiver & NMEA 2000 to my Raymarine E125 and that the AIS works correctly?
If possible as it would have to do?
Thank you very much for your help
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jose,

Should the third party VHF radio / AIS receiver have a NMEA 2000 communications interface then it may indeed be interfaced via its NMEA 2000 communications interface to a spur socket within the system's powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone to which the MFD has also been interfaced as a spur. Should the third party product's NMEA 2000 communications interface feature a male DeviceNet plug or socket, then it may be adapted (part #A06075 / 39.4in (1.0m) DeviceNet Female Adapter Cable) to be mated to a spur socket within a backbone which has been constructed from SeaTalkng networking components.
Hi, chuck. thanks for your answer.
I am thinking of buying an ais350 used with spliter 100. As it only receives, is it necessary to send it to the technical service to modify some data of the ship or simply does not have any data?
Many thanks Chuck

The AIS350 is designed to be a receive-only product. It cannot be modified / updated to perform as an AIS transceiver. If seeking a Raymarine Class B AIS transceiver, then it would be recommended that an AIS700 be purchased.
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