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Full Version: [LW11] Radome Doppler or Magnum array
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I am looking at either the radome poplar or the Magnum array. I am boating on a inland lake so range is not a priority for now. I will be hopefully moving to Lake Michigan in a year or two. Range may be nice then but not sure if it’s that necessarily is needed. Any input?
Dear shines,

Thank you for your query.

Both of these radars offer very different functionality, the choice is entirely dependent on what you are using the radar for.

The Quantum 2 Doppler displays targets moving away or towards you in green or red using Doppler technology. You have the added benefit or it being a much light unit compared to our previous radomes along with wireless abilities.

The Magnum array offers a much more defined image and range, ideal for things like bird mode when hunting for fish. The Magnum tends to be slightly more on the weight side than the Quantum 2 radome.

What vessel are you installing the radar on and what use are you looking to get from it?

Many Thanks
I will be installing on my 52 Sea Ray sedan bridge. I am looking more for target identification. I also want this to be an easy to read screen.
Dear shines,

I feel the Quantum 2 doppler will be ideal for your requirements. Having experienced the doppler functionality on the Axiom, the targets are highly visible.

Many Thanks
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