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Hi All - new member here.

I have an 18" digital radome scanner connected to an e7 MFD.

I recently had the standing rigging replaced, and of course the mast was removed, laid horizontally on supports for a couple of weeks and then stepped.

While the mast was on the hard, I replaced most of the wiring with the exception of the power & coax for the Radome.

Now when I power up the radar it slowly displays lines - like spokes on a bicycle wheel.

I've read threads where you can navigate a menu to run diagnostics for the scanner - and the thread refers to "soft keys" at the bottom of the screen. When I navigate to "scanners" - I do NOT see soft keys on the screen.. am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi Tim,

I believe the diagnostics you are referring to were associated with the analogue radar antenna.

The Digital Radome and e7D combination do not have such diagnostics.

The fault you describe, indicate a fault within the radome, likely the IF PCB, but the radome will need to be removed to a Raymarine Service dealer for repair.
Ah.. got it. thanks for the clarification and the suggested next steps..

Can the radome be removed without destepping the mast?

Cheers, Tim
Hi Tim,

The radome can be removed without unstepping the mast, obviously be careful when working at heights, but the cable can be unplugged and left protected.

Great- thanks again for the prompt responses Derek!
Hi Tim,

You're welcome!


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