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Full Version: Tacktic Won't Turn On
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I have a friend whose Tacktic won't turn on and I was wondering if the battery could be replaced. He can't seem to find the model number. So here are the images that I have of it.
Sorry for the delay. That unit does not have a user replaceable battery. The unit will need to be sent to the below address to get the battery replaced by a technician. The cost is a FLAT RATE of $200 plus Tax to replace the battery.

Raymarine Service Center
9 Townsend West
Nashua, NH 03063

Include in the box:
Daytime Phone
Return address
Brief description of the issue
Thank you for the info. Can I get a reference number or something so that we can use it to bill the customer?

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Reference Number? When you send the unit into the Service Center, the unit when checked in will get a notification number.
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