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Full Version: [CA11] Upgrade Radar and Lighthouse OS
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I have a couple of eS127 MFDs, 470 fishfinder, SHD Digital 4kw open array radar, Evolution autopilot, running Lighthouse 2 OS. I am getting ready to upgrade the radar to a Magnum 12 kW open array, and update the OS to Lighthouse 3. Anything special I should be aware of when upgrading the radar? Any steps needed to remove the existing SHD radar configuration from the MFDs?

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Replacement of the currently installed SHD Digital 4kw open array radar with a Magnum 12kW open array is simply a matter of switching OFF power to the VCM, switching to pedestal switch OFF, unplugging the Digital Radar Cable from the currently installed SHD Digital 4kw open array radar, removing the array from the pedestal, unbolting the currently installed pedestal, installing the Magnum 12kW pedestal using the same bolt holes, installing the new array onto the Magnum 12kW pedestal, plugging the Digital Radar Cable into the Magnum 12kW pedestal, switching the pedestal switch ON, and then finally replacing the currently installed VCM.
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