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Full Version: [LW11] Raymarine Lighthouse 2 MFD’s and Maretron PGN alerts
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I have a maretron system which monitors tanks and bilges on a DSM410 through NMEA 2000.
After talking to Maretron support tech, I asked will Maretron alerts also show up on my Raymarine Lighthouse 2 Mfds? He said that Raymarine would need the capability to “alert on a PGN value”. Will the Raymarine display these n2k maretron alerts?
Dear continuouswave391,

Thank you for your query.

We need to know the N2K PGNs that the Maretron product will be sending and we will be able to confirm this.

If they are standard N2K PGNS it is highly likely we will support it, if it a proprietary sentence the Maretron product is sending out we will not support it.

Do you have a list of the PGNs?

Many Thanks
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