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Full Version: Replacing C80 with E80
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I replaced a C80 with E80. The boat has a DSM250 sounder, it currenly has a 4 pin connector which connected to the C80. That connection is not available on the E80. What do I need to connect theDSM250 to the E80?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum BocaIII,

Unlike the CP370, CP300 (retired), DSM300 (retired), and DSM30 (retired), sounder modules which feature an Ethernet communications interface, the DSM250 featured a hsb2 communications interface. Unfortunately, it is neither possible to interface nor adapt a DSM250 to Raymarine's E-Series Classic MFDs or any Raymarine MFD design which followed the C-Series Classic MFDs. The only Raymarine MFDs which featured support for the DSM250 were the C-Series Classic MFDs and the hsb2 Pathfinder Series Radar, Chartplotter, and Fishfinder Displays.

Today, those seeking a fishfinder sounder module for an E-Series Classic MFD are advised to purchase a CP370 Digital Sonar Module. Transducers designed for use with the DSM250 are also compatible with the CP370.
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