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Full Version: [DG11] i60 Wind new install, no wind speed
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I have just installed a Raymarine i60 Wind display unit, connected to a new short arm, masthead transducer.
The connections are;
Transducer to i60 Wind by supplied cable to male spade terminals 3-7 on rear of i60
i60 to SeaTalk ng bus, using SeaTalk ng cable - using the white SeaTalk socket on the rear of the unit.
Having installed as above, the i60 display reads “0” knots whilst the needle does show the wind direction (see attached short vid)
I understand that I have to calibrate the instrument, as per the Raymarine i60 manual, but I understand that the calibration is for the wind direction only (not speed)
I am wondering if the blue coloured SeaTalk socket should have a SeaTalk ng backbone terminator fitted and if this maybe the cause of the “0” wind speed display?
Comments appreciated
HI Whistonmarine

Thank you for your enquiry,

What else do you have in the network connected to the STng bus? As part of a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone, SeaTalkng 5-Way Connectors, T-Pieces, Inline Terminators, SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converters, and iTC-5 Analog Instrument Transducer Converters must be interfaced to one another via appropriate lengths of SeaTalkng Backbone Cable. The backbone should be powered from a single spur which located at the approximate midpoint of the backbone's LEN load. It is considered to be a best practice that the backbone be powered using a SeaTalkng Power Cable (rather than an autopilot ACU or course computer) which in turn has been connected to a switched and preferably dedicated 12 VDC power circuit.

The backbone should be terminated with a resistor at either end of the backbone and no more than 2 terminators should be used in any system.

If you are using the Wind instrument as a standalone item, then all that is required is power into the i60 via the black and red power cable.

We also note from your photograph that the display is set to True, so with not boat speed input to the display the TRUE wind speed will show 0, reset the wind speed to show APParent wind.

Good afternoon Derek
Thanks or your reply
I suspect that the i60 head unit I bought as a used item is at fault. The previous owner now advises that it was used by him as a repeater and not a master and that it worked in that role. It is also stated that the unit has never been used as a master.
With the above in mind, I have ordered a new unit and expect delivery in the next couple of days. When the new unit arrives, it will only take me a matter of minutes to fit it and see if my suspicions are correct.
If I still have problems, then of course I will be looking at my system in it’s entirety and will then be back to you for further advice.
Here is a link to a video I made yesterday of the i60 in operation on my boat:
The video initially shows the unit displaying what should be the True Wind, however, what it is showing is that the wind is directly astern of the vessel at 6.3 knots, I then change the display to Apparent and the wind direction seems to be fine, but displays 0 knots, another press o the Display button returns the unit to the True mode, I then pan down to the Tridata display and the speed on the TriData coincides with the wind speed shown on the i60 in True mode
Hi Whistonmarine,

Thanks for the feedback, assuming the other i50 displays are operating correctly and sharing data, then a faulty i60 display is a possibility, will wait on your further feedback,
best regards
Hi again Derek
Having persuaded myself that the used i60 Wind instrument was at fault, I’ve just purchased a new i60 at £400+. Plugged it in and guess what? Same result; no wind speed displayed.
Now I have two i60 Wind instruments.
I’m at a loss as to what I can do next?
I was wondering if it’s worth trying the i60 with an independent power source, rather than the power coming from the STng network, I may give this a try.
Your further help would be appreciated
Hi Paul,
great to talk to you on the 'phone, the plan to make up a short test lead with a DIN plug and connect the new Tx direct to the i60 will eliminate everything except the cable.

Once you can confirm this, then trace the cable route, look for the obvious place where there may be damage and then isolate that, jury rig a cable past the potential fault to prove the location of the fault, then run a replacement cable through this section.
Kind regards
Hi Derek
Thanks for your help in sorting this out.
I had to return the masthead unit to the supplier for testing as it was past the 30 day return period by the time I had concluded it was that which was malfunctioning
A week later I was issued with a replacement masthead wind transducer and yesterday I fitted it.
The i60 display now works perfectly.
Conclusion; the originally supplied mast head unit was indeed faulty out of the box.
Perhaps this information will help someone else with the same issue.
Hi Paul,

Great to hear you are on your way again, disappointing the replacement masthead Tx was faulty out of the box, but as it will be returned through the product returns loop, our manufacturing team will be able to assess what happened and why.


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