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Full Version: [CA11] Adding ST60 Multi to an ST1/STNG Network
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HI There,
I have a mixed ST1/STNG network (see Forum Thread "ST60+, seatalk1, seatalk NG, ray55e, A70D and ST2000+" for the layout diagram).

I have recently seen an old ST60 (Autohelm) Multi display for sale and i'm thinking of adding this to the ST1 part of my network.

Could you please advise if this older instrument will function correctly when connected with my ST60+ and STNG network and be capable of displaying data from all sources?

Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Dave,

The ST60 Multi may indeed be added to either of the SeaTalk busses within your system. As noted within the FAQ found here, a SeaTalk bus featuring up to five devices may be connected to the SeaTalk socket of a SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter.
HI Chuck,
thanks for that.

You're welcome.
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