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Full Version: SR6 v SR150 and Canada plan
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Hi, I live in Canada and have a vessel equipped with a SR6 receiver now. I subscribe to US SIRIUS XM and get audio and weather.
Their is a plan that gives better info for Canada under offshore but I think I need the SR150. Can you confirm? What is the difference between them?

Canada now has a service called Master Mariner that sounds like what I need but I don't know if I can use my SR6 or I again have to upgrade to the 150. I checked with two agents in Canada and they gave me opposite answers! Is there anyway for you to confirm the receiver I need for the Canadian service?

My preference is to subscribe to the Canadian service especially if I can use my SR6

Thanks in advance
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Pdog1989,

Details of the features for SiriusXM Satellite Weather packages for the SR6 may be found here. Details of the features for SiriusXM Satellite Weather packages for the SR150 may be found here (Marine Inland not supported).
and SR150 may be found here. Supported Sirius Satellite Marine Weather features are further dependent upon the model(s) of MFD(s) within your Raymarine system. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. The most comprehensive offshore subscription packages for the the SR150 is the Marine Offshore subscription option.

Should you click here, you will see that the Master Mariner subscription package is designed exclusively for Garmin and WxWorx products.
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