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Full Version: [LW11] Ipad Pro 12,9 and Axiom Pro
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Hello Every one i want to ask: that
if anyone know how i can make the view on my ipad pro 12,9 via raymarine control or view app Full screen !! ? Thx in advance
Dear Alpinos,

Thank you for the query.

Have you successfully downloaded the app to your iPad Pro as this should be compatible. If you have successfully downloaded the app, what Multi-functional display are you trying to connect the Raycontrol app too?

Once you have the Raycontrol App wirelessly connected to your MFD, it should be straightforward to view the MFD remotely and have control using the menu functions on the app. More information can be found here.

Many Thanks
The issue is the RayControl app is not optimized for the iPad Pro screen resolution. Therefore only a small portion of the screen area is used for the app.
Dear First35,

Thank you for the response.

The app was designed a while back when screensize was smaller. I have sent this on to the product manager and the apps are a work in progress with a new design coming out in early 2020.

Many Thanks
I believe the best option in this kind of matters is to up scale the in the app depence of the device that you use i mean the mobile device and use the android or ipad device use monitoring in other position on the boat for fish finder charts etc.

i hope at the start of 2020 this update to became !
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