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Full Version: [LW11] DSM300/E120 upgrade to Axiom Pro RVX
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I need some help with Raymarine upgrades: E120 & DSM300. I am keeping my S3G course computer and ST8002 autopilot head.

#1: I want to upgrade to Axiom PRO RVX. Can I use a pair of Raymarine B175L/H 1KW Chirp transducers connected with Y-Cable (A102146) to the X transducer port of the Axiom PRO RVX? I prefer the 1KW chirp sonar over the Realvision.

#2: Will the Seatalk1 to Seatalk NG converter kit connect my S3G and ST8002 to Axiom Pro via the Seatalk NG?

Thank you!
Dear charlestai,

Thank you for your query.

The transducers you mention are compatible with the Axiom Pro RVX but to confirm, can you provide the part number of the transducers you are looking at?

The ST1 to STng will convert the data to enable it to be shared between the S3G and Axiom. You will not have full functionality of the autopilot on the MFD. You will still be able to send route and waypoint data but not have any control via the MFD.

Many Thanks
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