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Full Version: [CA11] Upgrade to Axiom -NMEA 0183 signal to Yamaha Command link
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I am in the process of upgrading from an E120 Classic to the Axiom 12. Most of changes to the networks are pretty straight forward, the one area I am not confident in, is making sure my Yamaha Command Link still gets SOG in NMEA 0183. My current plan is to use the Axiom internal GPS data through the STNG network to a ST to STNG Converter. Then from the converter to my Ray218 VHF (position) and my Yamaha Command link (SOG). Both components are currently receiving that data in NMEA 0183 from the E120 with a RS125. I read in one post that the ST to STNG Converter will transmit a VTG sentences which should include SOG but this is way over my head. I am looking for confirmation that what I am proposing will work or if there is another solution I should be looking at.


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jon,

Your proposed solution to providing SOG data to the Yamaha engine system and GPS data to the VHF radio indeed appears to be correct.
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