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Full Version: [DG11] Unable to hide Navionics Boating waypoints into Ligth house three
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I have recently bought an Axiom 9 which so far is proving to be a really excellent piece of kit. I have imported all of my old Navionics boating waypoints and routes, via plotter sync, but now the Axiom insists on displaying every route and waypoint on the chart. I’ve tried hiding all in the routes menu which works on the preview screen but as soon as you go back into the chart they are all there again. Having used the App for many years I’m sure you can appreciate the number of routes being displayed hides most of the detail and causes confusion. Have I missed something obvious or is this an know issues? FYI I have done a software update so hopefully LH3 is up to date.

Many thanks,

Hi James,

Have you reorganised all the routes etc that were imported into individual routes in the MY DATA section of the AXIOM?

Can you advise how you have organised them?
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