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Full Version: [CA11] Trade-Up Sales Event - What is "Display"
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Hi Chuck:

I'm looking to update the electronics on my new boat, what qualifies as an "existing Raymarine display"? I have a Pathfinder radar (monochrome!) display so that is obvious, but what about at ST70 autopilot control? Is that a "display"?

I groveled around but didn't find anything to clarify this.


The offer was intended to address replacement of larger equipment displays such as hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Displays, Multifunction Displays, marine monitors, etc.. As you have suggested, the offer was not intended to address replacement of instruments and autopilot control heads.
Also, it says "NEW equipment" - would that include a new "Remanufactured with 2 year warranty"?

Remanufactured products do not qualify for the 2019 Trade Up Sales Event.
Thank you Chuck!
You're welcome.
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