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Full Version: [CA11] Autopilot tiller arm on a C&C Landfall 38?
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I'm considering buying an EV-200 autopilot system for our C&C Landfall 38 sailboat.
But installing a tiller arm on these boats is problematic. Does anyone know of successful installs on this model boat, or have advice for tiller arm placement on similar boats with very limited rudder shaft space? Or know any Raymarine dealers with experience in tight tiller arm placements?

There's only a couple inches above/below the Edson radial drive and I'm not sure it will be enough. I'd like to avoid the hack of bolting the autopilot ram to the radial drive, which is strongly discouraged by Edson (some people have done it anyway, but it's certainly not optimal).
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum svviolethour,

Generally, it would be recommended that such searches begin with a Certified Raymarine Installer in one's area. If seeking to take the task on oneself, it would be recommended that one contact the manufacturer of the vessel for guidance. Unfortunately, this is not an option, as C&C Yachts and there successors are no longer in business. Another possible source of such information may be the manufacturer of the vessel's steering system. Finally, it would be recommended that forums dedicated to sailboating be searched or queried for such knowledge.
Thanks. Yes, basically I was hoping someone here might be able to recommend a Raymarine installer with experience on this model boat or know someone who has done an install. There are about 10 Raymarine installers in the Seattle area, so I don't really know where to start. I can call all of them, but this is a long-shot.

I am talking with Edson too (steering) but it doesn't look promising so far (it'd be an expensive custom build and something they've never done before afaik). If I can't get a tiller arm on we won't be able to do the autopilot.

With respect to interfacing a drive unit to the tiller shaft, the drive unit from any manufacturer would install in a similar manner. Should calls to the area's Certified Raymarine Installers yield no success, then you may want to consider expanding your search to include installer of other manufacturers in hopes that one or more of them may have installed a linear drive on a C&C Landfall 38. As indicated within my initial response, it would be recommended that you also post to sailing forums to seek a solution. This thread will remain open to permit others to weigh in with any additional suggestions / experience with a C&C Landfall 38.
You may want to talk with a local machine shop. They can usually fabricate a custom arm that could fit your situation. I just finished making one for my own Catalina 36.
Good suggestion PHINNROS!
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