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Full Version: radar overlay?
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I have an E120W display and a HD Radome. though I have pored over the E120W manual I can find no mention of a way to get the radar info to overlay the chart screen. Lots of dual screen radar/chart and passage options but no overlay. My tech guy says it has got to be there since all older Raymarine MFDs allowed an overlay. What am I missing?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Sandy,

Should the MFD be interfaced to a source of heading data (not to be confused with course over ground (COG) data), then the MFD's Chart application will support radar overlay. To determine whether your MFD has been interfaced to a source of heading data, it is recommended that the MFD's Instruments Data application page be opened and that the Navigation, Route, Fishing, or Sailing Data application panel then be displayed. Should the value of the "Heading" data item within these panels be ---, then it would be deemed that the MFD has not been interfaced to a source of heading data, that source of heading data has been powered OFF, or the source of head data or its interface to the system has suffered a failure.

Should the MFD be interfaced to a source of heading data, then radar may be overlayed atop 2D cartography (i.e. if the MFD's Chart application page/panel has been configured to display 3D cartography, then it will need to be reconfigured to display 2D cartography (PRESENTATION->VIEW->2D)). After doing so, Radar Overlay may be configured ON via the command sequence 2D CHART LAYERS->RADAR OVERLAY->ON.
It worked just as you said. Thanks again.
You're welcome.
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