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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom Pro 12 and SPX30
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I have just upgraded by nav system electronics to a new Axiom Pro 12 MFD and a Quantum 2 Radar.

In the process I switched from a SeaTalk-1 network backbone to a SeaTalk-ng backbone.

Both the Axiom and the SPX30 are connected via the SeaTalk-ng.

My ST60 Depth and Speed instruments are connected to the new network via a ST-ng to ST-1 converter.

I use a ST7002 control head to control the SPX30 via the same ST-ng to ST-1 converter used for the ST60 data.

I am aware that the Axiom cannot control the SPX30. However, for specific safety reasons, I actually do not want the MFD to be able to control the autopilot.

The Axiom interchanges route and waypoint data with the SPX30 just fine.


When I check network data sources on the Axiom with the SPX30 powered off, the ST-ng to ST-1 converter is listed as the source of the depth and speed data and the correct values of data are shown.

If I do the same thing with the SPX30 powered on, a statement is displayed that the sources of Depth and Speed can't be shown because the SPX30 is on the network. However, looking at the dashboard the depth and speed are shown.

What is going on?
Are software updates required. (Can the SPX30 software be updated?)

The Axiom is using the as-shipped LH3 SW version and there is a newer update that I will install when I'm satisfied with the system operation as is.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum JJRocchio,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As SPX autopilots will block MDS, switching the autopilot OFF or unplugging it from the backbone will permit use of the MDS feature. With respect to use of SPX autopilots with MFDs running LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software, it is recommended that the ST70 autopilot control head and SPX course computer be updated with the latest available software (the currently installed versions may be verified via the ST70 autopilot control head's diagnostics feature. Should these components require a software update, then it may not be performed via an Axiom MFD. MFDs running LightHouse II, C/E-Series Widescreen MFDs and A/E-Series Classic MFDs may update the software within SPX autopilot devices. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing alternative options for updating the software within these components.
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