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Full Version: [DG11] socket for Ray240E handset
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Hello, where can I find - as a single spare part - the socket on my dashboard, where the cable from the Ray240E handset is plugged in?
I have attached a photo of the socket. The contact pins are baggy and make loose connections with the handset plug.
The socket is factory fitted at the end of the cable from the loudspeaker, which is then connected to the VHF controller.
I don't want to replace the whole cable and loudspeaker, because it is installed through the structure of the boat, difficult to access.
My plan would be to cut off the socket from the cable, and solder a new socket onto the cable. Therefore I would need a new socket as a spare part.
Can I purchase one from Raymarine? Is there a part number?
Or can somebody give me a clue about the brand and type of this socket/plug connection, so that I can check the electronic industry supplies?
With kind regards
Hi drcbusch

Thankyou for your enquiry,

The socket is constructed of the plug moulded onto the cable as well as the dashboard/ bulkhead disc, which is removable.

Our suggestion would be to source the cable with the correct plug on the end part number E45012, then cut the cable and join it to your existing cable - using a suitable and appropriate junction box, then remove the bulkhead disc fromthe old cable and reattach to the new one.

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