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Full Version: [CA11] RD218 and the C120
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Can anyone help bring some clarity for me? I have a C120 installed in my SC35 and want to add a compatible radar. The RD218 is stated to be compatible on the Raymarine site. I have found some new ones but they are described as being either E52079 or E52065 - does anyone know the difference - will either of them work with the C120? I did find a note somewhere saying that the RD218 serial number needed to be 530158 or higher to be compatible (naturally one that I have found is 510056!).

Also...any advice on running the cable from the arch? I can see where the ceiling panel is removed and could probably remove the STBD speaker to pull the cable down. From then on....any suggestions? Thanks
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Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. All RD218 and RD424 radomes are compatible with the C/E-Series Classic MFDs. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, one need only look at the radome's product ID when considering one of the earlier model radome (i.e. 2D or 4D radome).

Unfortunately, cable routing information on vessels is not something which we may comment on, as all vessels are unique in their construction.
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