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Full Version: [CA11] Dock to Dock AutoRouting Boat Height
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When I complete a Navionics Dock to Dock AutoRoute, the route that is generated takes me under a bridge has 18-feet of vertical clearance. The Axiom displays a caution waypoint symbol at the bridge. I have set my boat Minimum Safe Height to 20-feet. The Navionics mobile app on my phone reports that boat height is "Not used for AutoRouting;" is the this same on the Axiom MFD?

The Navionics mobile app adjusts the route when you move a waypoint; however on the Axiom when move a waypoint the auto generated route is not adjusted. There is another bridge that I go under to get to the same destination but it is a longer route. There just too many waypoints to move manually.
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As the autorouting calculation is actually performed within the Navionics software libraries used by Raymarine MFDs running LightHouse 3 or LightHouse II software, it stands to reason that the Dock to Dock Autorouting feature of these MFDs would be no different than the Navionics Boating app with regard to overhead obstructions. Like the Navionics Boating app, the Dock to Dock Autorouting feature will not autoroute around overhead obstructions. Instead, the Dock to Dock Autorouting feature will generate waypoints featuring warning symbol at the waypoint preceding the overhead obstruction and ending at the waypoint following the overhead obstruction. Accordingly, should such an overhead obstruction exist, then an alternate path must be followed.
Hi Chuck,

Always thanks for response. However, Raymarine may want to consider adding a warning to the LightHouse 3 Operation instructions that "boat height is not considered with Dock to Dock Autorouting." The manual gives the impression that height above water is taken into consideration in that the instructions for autorouting on page 98, "The created route is generated by comparing data available on your cartography against the minimum safe distances specified in the Boat details menu: (Homescreen > Settings > Boat details)." The Boat Detail instructions explains, "Min safe height: Enter your vessel’s maximum unladen height from the waterline. To ensure adequate clearance, it is recommended that you add a safety margin to this figure to allow for variation caused by vessel movements."

Thanks for the feedback. Your suggestions have been noted and a feature request will be logged to consider changes to the LightHouse 3 Advanced Operations Guide. The possibility exists that Safe Height may be taken into account within future Navionics software libraries, which in turn may be included within a future LightHouse 3 software update.

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