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Full Version: [CA11] Sirius radio on E120
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I have Sirius weather on my boat. I'm not sure if I have the SR50 or the SR100. I tried to look on the receiver, but it's buried behind the refrigerator under the helm. I was able to get the weather to work, and when I go under Menu----System Diagnostics-- I see Sirius weather setup, and when I go through the data there, I see that the radio is activated, but I cannot find the menu where I would select the radio stations.

I've gone through all of the Menu-sub-menu options, and I can't find the page shown in the manual.

I bought the boat used a few years ago and this is the first time I've tried the Sirius radio and weather. I'm not sure the receiver is even connected to the stereo in the boat.

Any ideas?

Welcome the Raymarine Forum tmitchell5188,

The E-Series Classic MFDs are exclusively compatible with the SR100, SR6, and SR150 Sirius / SiriusXM Satellite Weather / Radio Receivers. When desiring to use the Sirius Satellite Radio feature, each of the following should be verified:
- the E-Series Classic MFD has been updated with v5.69 software
- the MFD has been interfaced via an Ethernet Network (SeaTalkhs / RayNet) to a SR100, SR6, or SR100
- Sirius has been contacted to subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio (this is in addition to any SiriusXM Marine Weather subscription which you have subscribed to). This may be verified by examining the Radio Status ID - Radio diagnostic item to ensure that it is reported as "1 07 0" if the MFD has been interfaced to a SR100.

Should all of the above have been satisfied, then pressing the MFD's MENU button will display a menu which will include an option for "Sirius Satellite Radio". Details concerning this feature may be found within Chapter 15.1: To start using Sirius Radio of the final version of the E-Series Multifunction Displays Operation Instructions.
I have the 5.69 version of the software. I double checked and the sirius radio option didn't show. Time to punt. I haven't found the cable for the audio output yet.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As indicated therein, should the SR100 have not been updated with the software version specified, then the SR100 will not support Sirius Satellite Radio. The procedure below may be used to determine the SR100's software level:
• On the E-series press MENU, and then select SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS.
• On the second line of the RX Status window, the “SDR Software Version” should read SDR200707152118

The part number for the SR50/SR100 Audio Cable is R08265. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing where one may find the latest information on parts availability and pricing.
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