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Full Version: [CA11] Multiple Axiom 9 MFD's, Neither Can Connect To Quantum WiFi Radar Q24W
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Good morning,

I purchased a Quantum Wifi Radar (Q24W) from the Raymarine/FLIR online store.

It arrived last week and I tried to install it last night.

The hardware all went in relatively easily, no issues, and, I wired it directly to a 12v power source.

The problem I'm having is that it won't connect to either one of my Axiom 9 MFD's. However, I can pair it to my iPhone. I've tried just about everything. I'm a little frustrated/confused.

Both my MFD's have the latest Lighthouse release (v3.8.105)

I can see the Radar's WiFi SSID on the Axiom MFD WiFi list, and, from there I can also connect to it (although it obviously says no Internet connectivity)

I just can't seem to get it to connect via the standard Quantum Pairing instructions.

Note: Everything I tried was sitting at my console, about 4 feet from the radar unit itself. The radome is mounted on my fiberglass t-top about 4 feet from the MFD's. It is a small 25 foot center console. I don't believe interference with hull materials would be a factor in my install given the close proximity of the MFD's to the radar, and, the materials that are between the components.

Can I try changing/adjusting the Wifi settings on the MFD itself (like the wifi channel)?

I tried several things like trying to connect to either MFD, both powered on, each one individually with the other one powered off, etc etc..

I even downloaded the RayMarine RayView app and was able to stream my display to my iPhone as suggested in one of the forum posts here. I power cycled the radome and factory reset my MFD's numerous times, etc.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum geekedupfl,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. The Wi-Fi connection between your mobile device and the Quantum radome must be disconnected. It is recommended that the Quantum radome's power circuit be switched OFF, wait ten seconds, and then switched ON again. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, it is recommended that the Quantum radome be powered from a dedicated switched power circuit permitting it to be awaken from Sleep Mode without affecting the power state of the other equipment onboard the vessel. Should doing so not then permit the MFD to pair with / connect to the Quantum radome, then please respond with the measured Wi-Fi signal strength of the MFD at the location of the Quantum radome.
Yessir, read that a few times over last night and tried all of of the suggestions (except for the one about reading the wifi signal strength). In all fairness, I did download (and pay $3.99) for an app called WiFi-Analzyer as pictured in your instructions, but, it appears to be a different app than you have pictured, and, it did not have the tools shown in your FAQ. I uploaded 9 pictures to my post and I attached pictures from this app.

It was, I only connected to my phone one or two times to verify I could get something connected to the Radome. It did seem to work on the phone. I did not leave it paired on my phone longer than 5 minutes.

I did this about 20 times.

This was also done. I wired it directly to a battery.

I'll follow-up with this information the next time I head down to the marina.

Thank you.
Q1. I uploaded 9 pictures to my post and I attached pictures from this app.
A1. No photos have been attached to your most recent post.

Q2. I wired it directly to a battery.
A2. As indicated, within the referenced FAQ the Quantum radome should be powered from a dedicated switched power circuit which will permit the power to the radome to be switched ON/OFF while not affecting the power state of the system's other devices.
Here is the result of my wifi signal strength test. As you can see, it has a great signal where the MFD's are.

once again, i was unable to connect with either MFD, no matter how many times i power cycled the radar within a 10 minute span of trying each time. I even tried with the engines running so the alternator would be providing plenty of voltage throughout my system.

After trying unsuccessfully about 10 times to connect to with either of my MFD's, I tried to connect to it via my iPhone (from the same location where the MFDs are located). Again, that was able to connect. I disconnected from the iphone immediately. Note: I never tried to connect the MFD's to the radar while my iphone was connected to the radar.

I also pulled every single fuse out of my fuse block except for the fuse powering each MFD and the radar. There was absolutely powered up on the boat except for those 3 things (i also shut off bluetooth and wifi on my cell).

At this point, I can't think of anything else to do but return this for warranty repair/replacement??

Here are some of the images from my previous post, including the wifi signal strength test. I could not figure out how to attach the images (the "Insert Into Post" button doesn't do anything when i click on it), so, I'm just linking them here:

As indicated within the previously referenced FAQ, should you have addressed each of the items within the previously specified FAQ, should no other MFD be paired with the Quantum radome, should the system only contain one radar transmitter, and should voltage test of the circuit supplying the Quantum radome with power reveal no issues, and should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that a System Settings Reset (HOME->SETTINGS->THIS DISPLAY->RESET->SETTINGS RESET) be performed via the system's Data Master MFD, that the system be re-configured, and that communications with the Quantum radome then be established. Should the problem persist thereafter, then the Quantum radome should be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. If purchased within the last 30 days, the radome may be replaced by your Raymarine dealer.
Thanks Chuck.

I've done all of those things, including the resets (on both MFD's separately). Ive tried every combination of isolating every piece of equipment I can think of. As I stated previously, I've even pulled every fuse out of my fuse block except for the MFD and the Radar to eliminate interference by any other component. Honestly, I think there may just be an issue with this unit.

I did purchase this unit from Raymarine/FLIR directly (via the Raymarine website) within the last 30 days. Can I take it to a local dealer and swap it out for another unit or do I have to mail it back?

I do appreciate all of your help. Trust me, I've tried everything. I have read and followed all of the instructions in the FAQ numerous times at this point. I'm personally convinced it's an issue with the unit.

Please note that the ONLY direct from Raymarine channel is Raymarine's Online Store from which factory refurbished radomes and MFDs may be purchased. Raymarine does not sell new radomes directly to the public. If purchased from the Raymarine Online Store, then Raymarine's Online Store should be contacted for information concerning how to return the radome for replacement. Other Internet vendors may use "raymarine" within the vendor's website address, but are not authorized Raymarine dealers (ex.,, etc.). If purchased from vendor who is not an authorized Rayamrine dealer, then it may be necessary to return the radome to Raymarine's Product Repair Center to be serviced. The product cannot be returned to an authorized Raymarine dealer who did not sell the product to you.

I want to follow-up and thank you for all of your help.

I opened up a Raymarine warranty claim and was getting ready to ship the unit back. I unbolted all 4 bolts from the radome and when I lifted the dome up, the power cable just popped off and dropped onto the top. I know it has a locking collar, so, that struck me very odd.

I spent a few minutes retightening and verifying the power cable was properly "locked" , and tested it one last time. Sure enough, the MDF saw it and paired successfully.

Turns out it was just a "loose" power cable (user-error on my part).

So, in case you ever hear of this issue again (and people complain to you that they see the radar on their phones and wifi scanners, but, MFD won't pair) , ... it may just be the power cable. ;-)

I'm glad to learn that the problem was not rooted in an equipment failure. Thanks for the follow-up.
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