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I thought this might be on the forum but I can’t find it. I have AIS350 integrated with a E80 plotter. Is it simply the case that to replace this with the 650 I just need to swap the units but at in the dedicated GPS antenna? I’m assuming a VHF splitter is also needed, but I think I have that.


Welcome to the Raymarine Form Michael,

To replace an AIS350 with an AIS500,
- Class B AIS transceivers are dependent upon their own internal GPS receiver for GPS position data. These internal GPS receivers are dependent upon a passive external GPS antenna to acquire GPS satellite signals. Install the passive GPS antenna supplied with the AIS650 in a location affording it an unobstructed view of the skies overhead.
- connect the passive GPS antenna's cable to corresponding socket of the AIS650
- unplug the VHF antenna cable from the AIS350 and plug it into corresponding socket of the AIS650.
- unplug the Power/NMEA 0183 Cable from the AIS350 and plug it into corresponding socket of the AIS650.
Hi Chuck,

Just one more question. Is is straightforward to set up the AIS650 once it’s networked with the E80?

Thanks again,


Should the MFD have been previously interfaced to an AIS350, then no additional configuration settings within the MFD need be set following installation of the AIS650.
Thanks, Chuck.

I thought I’d need to put in the mmsi number etc.


As indicated previously, no configuration settings need be performed using the MFD. The AIS650's MMSI must be programmed into the AIS650 using the ProAIS2 software packaged within the AIS650's box. The AIS650 will need to be interfaced to the computer via a users supplied USB cable. Instructions for doing so may be found within the AIS650's Installation Guide. Alternatively, this service may be performed by an authorized Raymarine dealer / installer as is required by the FCC for US customers of the AIS650.
Thanks, Chuck,

This has been very helpful.

You're welcome.
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