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Full Version: [CA11] Uncommanded System Reboot - Axiom Pro
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Since installing my new Axiom Pro 12 a month ago, I've sailed from Marco Island to the central Exumas and have had an overall good experience. I am still learning every day.

I have come across a serious and abiding problem I want to share with you: Uncommanded System Reboots.

First let me add that all of Onward's navigation devices are on individual circuit breaker protected sub-circuits that are all protected with a Navpac Navigation Power Controller which stabilizes voltage and filters out spikes.

Note, all component of my navigation system were updated to the most recent software on 21 February 2019 -- including LH 3.8.97

I have been logging my experiences (listed most recent first):

The most recent incident was very scary as the USR did not result in usable display for navigation for > 5 min as there was no GPS or AIS.

The thought of this kind of event happening as I am navigating through narrow and rocky passages in the fogs of Maine really gives me cold sweats. The only good thing is that the Axiom (doesn't / can't) control the SPX30 autopilot which at least continues during the recover from the USR. What is going on?

10 Mar 19; 1330
• While inspecting the AIS data for vessels nearby, a USR occurred. Thankfully Onward was at anchor as the unit rebooted but would not display GPS or AIS information for >5min. I had to shut down (power off) and then restart Axiom to get a “normal” start. Very dangerous if this had occurred while underway.

10 Mar 19; 1130
• While attempting to move the cursor with the uni-controller to look at at a vessel’s AIS, a USR occurred.

2 Mar 19; 1100
• While reviewing routes to change colors and hide them, a USR occurred.
• Note: it is a good thing that the Axiom does not control the SPX30 autopilot because the autopilot continues on course while the USR runs its course. The Axiom Pro 12 loses info on current route during USR and needs to be reset to follow the route.

28 Feb 19; 1830
• After anchoring and shutting down the engine, I was inspecting local information on the chart when another USR occurred.

28 Feb 19; 1030
• While sailing a route from Chub Cay to New Providence, Peggy attempted to look at the AIS data of a passing vessel.
o She selected the vessel with the cursor using the uni-controller.
o She then used the it to scroll down to View AIS Data.
o Then used push button to select this.
o The Axiom immediately went into a USR.
• This is at least the second time a USR has occurred since departing Marco I. Peggy experienced another USR while she had he con.
• There have also been several other USR while in the slip where I did not make note of their occurrence.
• Very disconcerting. Potentially dangerous should it occur while navigating restricted / dangerous areas.

21 Feb 19; ~1200
• En route to Key West. I was learning how to customize data displays. I made several changes and all was well. Then during another adjustment a USR occurred.

20 Feb 19; 1600
• Departed Marco Island Marina for cruise to Bahamas.
• Start of first active use of Axiom Pro 12 system for extended navigation.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Joe,

In the event so uncommanded system and applications reboots, the MFD will typically generate error logs. These logs may be saved to a microSD memory card for analysis by Raymarine's engineering team. In this case, the following would be recommended:
- a system diagram (hand drawn will generally suffice) identifying the makes and models of each of the marine electronics devices within the system (including computers / tablets running navigational planning / chartplotting applications) may be be requested to support an investigation. The diagram should additionally identify how these devices have been interfaced to one another.

- the system's Ethernet and SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 device data (HOME->SET-UP->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS->PRODUCT INFO->SAVE DATA)




Upon receiving this data, a problem report will be logged to investigate the problem using received data.
Here is system and incident information as requested.
See attachment
See Attachment
See Diagnostic Attachments.
See Diagnostic Attachments.
Here is my log of the most recent USR:

16 Mar 19; 1630
• While at anchor, I was checking routes to select the one I would use between Musha Cay and George Town. I inspected several routes using touch screen and uni-controller. A USR occurred.
• While the chart function came back in operation in 45-60 sec, It took more than 5 min before the GPS position became available again. Note: the GPS was fully active before the USR. The axiom is mounted in the cockpit with no obstructions overhead, only bimini canvas.
• It would be a great feature to have a fail-safe mode after a USR occurs: the Axiom boots up immediately to the last chart shown with vessel location.

I will provide an updated system configuration drawing within the next 36 hrs.

Per your suggestion, I am connecting the ST7002+ autopilot control head directly to the SPX30 via ST-1. However, Note: in the present configuration it communicates with the SPX30 via the ST-1 - ST-ng converter over the ST-ng backbone and it has worked flawlessly.

Attached are the diagnostics for the most recent USR incident.

Other data to follow.

As requested, I am attaching data files with WP, Rts, Tracks as of time of last USR.
Updated system diagram (before ST7002+) rewire.
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