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Full Version: [CA11] Axiom Pro - Lack of Range Buttons
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We operate with the touch screen locked out. The lack of hard range + - buttons prevents the radar operator from ranging + - while the VRM/EBL is active. To change the range it is necessary to deactivate or freeze the VRM/EBL, change the range, then reactivate the VRM/EBL. To reactivate the VRM/EBL requires 6 separate button or rotary dial actions.

Would it be possible to provide an option for the user programmable button to activate the number 1 VRM/EBL with a single press?
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Thanks for the product feedback. A feature request will be logged accordingly to consider this feature for inclusion within a future LightHouse 3 software update. As I am certain that you are aware, should the touchscreen have not been locked, then it would be possible to adjust the radar range under these conditions via the + and - onscreen range buttons. Alternatively, a RMK-9 or RMK-10 may be added to the system, as these remote keyboards feature + and - range buttons.

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We find it necessary to lock out the touchscreen on our fast rescue craft for several reasons - water spray activating the screen, cold fingers not activating the screen and the difficulty of accurately using touch during rough conditions. We were disappointed to find that the hard range + - buttons had been omitted from the Axiom Pro, however the suggested use of the user programmable button would help to give us a workaround. Perhaps a long press could activate the #1 VRM/EBL and the existing options could remain as they are.

Can you confirm that adding the RMK-10 will allow range adjustment without deactivating the VRM/EBL?

Type 1,

Q. Can you confirm that adding the RMK-10 will allow range adjustment without deactivating the VRM/EBL?
A. Before sending out my initial response which had suggested this workaround, I had verified that it did indeed permit radar range adjustment without deactivating the VRM/EBL.
Chuck, further to the RMK-10 option which we are now considering. One other issue we have with the new Axiom Pro units is that when we dim the screens at night the back-lighting on the buttons also dims and the buttons become impossible to see. Would the buttons on the RMK-10 remain backlit if we dim the screens?


The RMK-9/10 Remote Keypad button dimming feature should be expected to function identically to that of the MFD to which it has been interfaced.
Thanks. In that case please log a feature suggestion that the buttons on the Axiom Pro and RMK-10 don't dim fully but maintain some minimum level of lighting.
Hi Chuck,

I too am looking for a quicker way to access the VRM/EBL function.

My suggestion would be to provide for a setting to allow the user programmable button to activate the VRM/EBL function, allowing one-touch access for those of us that require it.

I also agree that the backlighting for the physical buttons needs a separate intensity control. The buttons are VERY difficult to see in the dark with the screen dimmed.

Chuck, please add a plus 1 to this request AND a repeated request for a night palette!!! This is an important issue. Thanks in advance.
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