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Full Version: [DG11] Micro Talk Wireless Gateway Installation Location
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I'm seeking advice as to where to install Micro-Talk Wireless Gateway Puc (E70361) on a cruiser-racer sail boat.

According to the Micro-Talk Installation Instructions (04-2017) it is recommended to install above decks on a horizontal surface with LED arrow pointing towards the bow or stern of boat with a clear line of sight to Micronet products.

Our boat is a cruiser-racer (Beneteau 36.7) and she races in events. Installing the Puc on the deck surface would not be practical with the general racing foot-rush mayhem that ensues!

The Micro-Talk Wireless Gateway Puc will be used with the following wireless units;
1) Wind Vane (T120), mounted on masthead.
2) Maxi Displays (T215) x 2, mounted at mast below gooseneck.
3) Remote Control (T113), mobile unit at cockpit area.
4) Dual Display unit (T103), mounted at coachroof.

I'm aware of the following Micro-Talk Wireless Gateway mounting accessories;
Pole Mount Kit (A80370)
Deck Mounting Kit (A80437)

* Could you please advise if there is a typical/recommeded installation location for the Micro-Talk Wireless Gateway Puc for cruiser-racer sail boat and whether mounting accessories are needed?

Many thanks,
Hi Duncan,
Thank you for your enquiry.

There is no standard place since it will vary from boat to boat, on boats up to 35ft we often see it mounted on the pushpit using a pole mount kit. Where this is too exposed or not possible, it can be mounted in the instrument garage over the hatch, or even in an instrument pod.

To be honest, it is pretty robust and we have not received any adverse reports of it being deckmounted and stood on with deckshoes, it is quite flat, rather like an upturned small saucer.


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