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Full Version: [CA11] Dst800 connect to ST60 tridata
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Connecting DTS 800 analog transducer to ST60 tridata, depth still shows horizontal dot line.
The transducer cable has only one screen line but the tridata has 2 screen slots on each side, sipped and depth. Which side should I connect the screen line. Speed and temp parts has indication not depth. Is this a instrument issue, tranceducer issue or connection issue?
Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum cpt_757,

DST800 is the name given to a family of analog and smart transducers manufactured by Airmar, Inc.. In order that we may positively identity which variant of this transducer is being installed and thereby be able to advise on interfacing it to the Raymarine system, please attach a photo of the transducer's identification tag which clearly shows all information printed on the transducer's label.

No photo has been attached. If the photo's file is too large, it will need to be reduced in size. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing the supported file sizes for attachments. The reason for needing to be absolutely certain about the model of DST800 which has been installed is because each variant is designed to be installed in a different manner. Your earlier post indicated that the label included the character string "Intelligent TRI" which may indicate that the transducer is the Smart NMEA 0183 or Smart NMEA 2000 variant of the transducer rather than the analog variant of the DST800 (A22154). Please note that the Smart variants of the DST800 cannot be directly interfaced to the a ST60 Tridata instrument. Please re-size your photo to be less than 500kb and then attach it to your next post.
I reduced the size.

Thanks for supplying the requested photos which positively identify the transducer as an A22154 DST800 analog instrument transducer. To interface this transducer to a ST60 Tridata instrument or iTC-5 Analog Instrument Converter, the transducer's color coded leads will be mated to the matching color coded terminals of the ST60 Tridata or iTC-5. As the DST800 features only one bare lead, it should be connected to the corresponding Speed transducer terminal ... no lead will be connected to the Depth bare lead terminal of the ST60 Tridata instrument. The leads of analog instrument transducers feature 1/8" female blade connectors to permit the leads to be mated to the male blade connector terminals of the instrument or iTC-5.
Thanks a lot, I will work on it and also did not supply connector for the lead. I assume I have t get it myself. If I still have issue I will post a thread again. Thank you so much,

These connectors may be purchased separately, and the part number for a package of eleven 1/8" female blade connectors is Q085. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing where one may purchase parts for Raymarine products.
Thank you very much, Chuck.
Very helpful, I will check out!
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